Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nous ne sommes pas a Paris ... malheureusement

Hong Kong Airport Snog

nope ... we're not in Paris ... unfortunately

we're not even in the same city but are living thousands of kilometres apart on the opposite ends of a huge continent, waiting to see where we set up base next

i'm currently settling back into the house in Perth whilst searching for work in Perth and Brisbane ... we are both as good as unemployed. i quit my job to live in Paris for 4.5 months and E's uni contract terminates within the month ... she is cooped up in Fortitude Valley closer to the uni writing her second book ... and we are both now a long way away from Paris

and i have so much more to show and tell about Paris, so there will be the occasional post-Paris adventure post here and there

it will help me to relive the fun of the adventure too and help forget about returning to the limiting structures of a life at work ...