Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nous Somme Ici

je suis ici

I thought as good a place as any to start blogging about this Paris adventure is to show where we're living, which is only a few minutes walk to either the Centre Georges Pompidou which always has interesting temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibition which we haven't yet revisited; the administrative life of Hôtel de Ville with it's regularly changing public events in the square out the front; the huge metro and RER station and shops of Châtelet; the antiquity and the gaeity of the Marais and to the Seine where we have already spent many hours walking.

Look for the A on the map above and you'll get an idea of where our district of Beauborg is located.

Due to the time it has taken to get the internet set up at our apartment, the next week or two's worth of posts will be travelling back and forwards in time as I fill in the gaps of what has happened and what is happening.

We have already started finding our old and discovering new favourite places to shop for fresh produce and to experience life here and this will be discussed further in future posts.

à bientôt

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