Friday, May 22, 2009

Il Fait Beau

even the birds have had enough of the recent cold and wet weather in Paris

It seems to have been months in coming, but the last few days in Paris have been lovely. The sun is constantly shining, and even warm. In fact there has been lots of sunshine all day long.

Not that even the cooler or wet days (of which there have been plenty since we arrived in March) would keep me inside for too long, most days I like to just wander around Paris for at least a few hours (as I have already mentioned). And many days would have a few fine hours here and there, you just had to choose your moments and occasionally travel with an umbrella.

But now that the weather is improving we are also able to sit out on the grass (without getting wet bums from the aforementioned rain).

self study on the grass near St Eustache and Chatalet

So there are now more nice locations to do my french study in .. in the absence of the language school I've been enrolled in providing any quality tuition lately ... but that's another story which I hope has a happier ending than the one which currently seems to be suggested.

And with daylight savings implemented even the nights are still day.

On the daylight savings front, I was very disappointed to see that a recent referendum in my home state of Western Australia voted against implementing daylight savings, yet again. It seems most people in WA want to live in the past.

Anyhoo ... daylight savings in Paris has enabled us to spend much time outside into the evening.

dinner picnic along the Seine,paris

So we can take our meals outside, and with a short stroll from the apartment down to the Seine we can join the hundreds of others eating, drinking, chatting and singing along the waters edge.

I'm sure as spring morphs into summer over the remaining two months we have left in Paris that there will be much more of this. Woo Hoo!

singing a song for summer nights along the Seine

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