Friday, July 3, 2009

Free things to do in Paris everyday ... have a picnic

picnic beneath Sacre Coeur

There are always numerous free activities across Paris which one can enjoy every day (or night) of the week.

Now that summer has finally arrived we are getting out and about much more with walks along the Seine and all throughout Paris. Although we have been doing just this for the whole time we have been in Paris, since the chilly winter of early March ... it all seems so long ago now, and the end of our lovely holiday in Paris is slowly coming to an end.

Picnic on Butte Chaumont with Jean-Pierre and Ania and Kajetan

Often in conjunction with our walks, we have a little picnic. With a bag or two full of baguette, cheese, salad, fruit, beer, wine ... we choose a location and head in that direction. On other occasions we might just make up a baguette at home and take that to a park for a mini picnic. After our picnic we tend to take a constitutional walk.

And there are now many, many more people out enjoying the warm weather with us, particularly in the evenings.

Picnic by the Seine

It isn't quite as comfortable to sit on the cobblestone paved paths which run along the edge of the Seine and the canals, but that doesn't stop the crowds who flock there. And there are all of the parks and gardens, some of which I discussed in an earlier post.

Picnic in the Tuilleries

Sometimes we will go somewhere close by such as along the Seine or up to the Luxembourg Gardens or The Tuilleries near the Louvre, and others we will travel up to places such as Butte Chaumont or even as far as Bois De Boulogne or also Pere Lachaise Cemetary for my birthday.

Hotel room picnic with Bollinger in Reims

We have even been known to have a picnic in a hotel room.

Picnic near the lake at Bois De Boulogne

But no matter where we have our picnic, it is always an interesting location surrounded by water or gardens and sometimes works of art or with views, and it is always an enjoyable and free experience in Paris.

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